XBox 360 Party Limo

Are you wanting to host an XBox 360 party?  We have the inside scoop on planning your next gaming party and renting a Limousine to haul your buddies around town.  This is a great option for getting a large group together because you can rent a Hummer Limo or even a Party Bus and take the whole group with you.  Many of these loaded out rides even have TV’s and setups to allow you to plug in your XBox for gaming on the road.

Want to save money when you rent?  Weekends are a hot time for Limo rentals so if you plan yourchrysler-inside party Monday-Thursday you can usually get a cheaper rate.  Also, if you are within 30 minutes of the Limousine Company they usually won’t charge for the drive time to your location.  Limos rent by the hour and many times you will have a minimum amount of hours you pay for the car.  One thing you can do is plan to really use the car for going out to eat, going to a Club, picking up your friends and of course just enjoying riding around in luxury.

Gamers are known for spending hours inside and this is a great opportunity to get out and live the life of luxury.  Most Limousines are loaded out with lights, drinks, sounds systems, video and bigger party buses even have Dancing Poles.  Take your gaming to the next level by making your party co-ed and enjoying the night.  Roll up like a Player to pick up the ladies and show them the difference between a lame gaming party and a slammin party!

Another tip is to plan your party during a slow time of the year.  Graduations, Prom, Holidays are all hot times for Limo Rentals so plan your party during a slow time.  Even planning your Party during big Wedding seasons like the November and December can be more expensive.  Sometimes costs will increase by hundreds and hour during peak seasons because the Transportation Companies can get it and be booked up.  One way to find out whether the season is more expensive is to call a few companies and get a quote.  Most companies will quote you for free and can help you find what you are looking for.

So, for the next big XBox 360 gaming party check out the local Stretch scene and become the Player that everyone will be talking about.  This will be a party that your friends won’t soon forget, especially if you show up at their homes to pick them up in a Stretch Hummer.  For a few hundred dollars you can go from the same old party to an exotic, extravagant slamming night to remember!