New Game for XBox 360 Tribe

Fishing games are hot right now and with Fall coming on there is no better time to get out and fish instead of sitting in front of the TV.  Bass Fishing, White Bass Fishing and Crappie fishing are all excellent in the Fall when the water cools down.  The white bass will be feeding on the top of the water and it’s easy to throw a lure and retrieve it very quickly to get them to bite by instinct.  You can load a cooler full of white bass in no time in just a few hours.

Texas Lakes boast some of the best fishing in the US, with North Texas Lakes owning some big fish.  Stripers are also great fish to fish for in the Fall and will make for some great eating.  Stripers can get really big and will bite a lot more as the water cools down.  Get out on the Lake with a guide and your chances of catching fish are much better.  The guides know the Lake and the fish patterns so that you can get out there and catch fish instead of hunting for fish all day.

Fishing games are great but there’s nothing better than feeling the tug on your line as a big ole bass takes off with the bait.  Lure fishing has become one of my favorites because of the excitement of catching fish as you’re working the lure.  Topwater Lures are the most exciting as the fish will hit the top of the water and pounce on the lure.  Topwater frog fishing is a blast too, and the fish will hunt the frog as you pull it across the water.

A few things to remember when fishing is on hot days make sure and hit the water early or late.  The heat of the day the fish will become lethargic and won’t bite as well.  You can also fish timber and other areas where the fish will hold to on hot days.  Topwaters are good in the Spring and early mornings, and worms and other baits become better as the day heats up.  Spinners are always a great choice and can catch small or big bass.

Fishing gear is really important when you are fishing for small or big fish.  Depending on the fish, you will need a certain weight of line and will need a certain action pole.  Make sure and consult a professional Angler to get the right equipment for the fish you are fishing for.  Also, make sure and choose the right lure for the season and time of day.  Professional Anglers will know so ask around and see what they use.  It’s easy to see why they use what they use and you will learn to choose the best lure for the fish and time of year and day.  Good luck fishing and get out from in front of the TV and enjoy the beautiful weather outside!